FIFA Ultimate Team Cheats — Full Uncensored Explanation of FUT Cheats


One of the reasons for FIFA Ultimate Team be such a fantastic game has to do with its resistance to cheaters.

But the truth is that there are some FIFA Ultimate Team cheats that still work.

FIFA Ultimate Team Cheats

First of all, we want to make clear that we are totally against using any kind of FIFA Ultimate Team cheats. We already clarified this in other articles of our website.

Who cheats, does not like the game. Or, at least, do not has the capacity to realize that is ruining the game. Even sporadic situations, where cheating seems to be applied to isolated cases, have repercussions in terms of game balance, weakening it.

Do not follow the path of fraud. You will be fooling yourself.

In FIFA U Team, we want to get to know everything about FIFA Ultimate Team. Therefore, this issue is not taboo, but we appeal to the good sense of the gamers.

Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff

It is easy to find in any search engine thousands of attractive FIFA Ultimate Team cheats. The most common are the cards duplicators and the coins generators, which replicate cards that someone owns and increases drastically the amount of coins of one account.

The best advice that someone could give you about FUT is: all these things do not exist, are scam tactics.

The amazing thing is there are thousands of these sites. Or maybe not. They exist because a lot of people seek for an easy solution to their liquidity problems in FIFA Ultimate Team, venturing where they should not. Most often, the aspiring cheaters give the details of their accounts and, of course, end up getting nothing. Always follow the safety recommendations of EA Sports.

If you want to know more about this subject click here.

Example of a Scam Website

FIFA Ultimate Team Cheats that Really Work

Unfortunately, there are two groups of FIFA Ultimate Team Cheats that work:

  • External software support;
  • Multiplication of Accounts;

Throughout the several FUT editions there were other kinds of cheats that were being fought and removed successfully. One of the most popular, was to take advantage of a game bug to lead both teams into the field. If we quit we were penalized in DNF%. If we had continued, we would have become mere spectators of the stupidity of a minority.

Fortunately, this type of irregularities has been disappearing. So, the only cheats that currently work are related to the financial part of our club.

External Software Support

Every action that puts certain players in competitive advantage should be considered a cheat. This is the case of the use of software to achieve better results in the game.

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One of the common cheats is the use of ‘auto-click’ software. This type of software is used to replace the player on the arduous task of getting to the page of the 59 minutes of an auction. Applying the method of 59 minutes becomes much easier. Within the range of severity of cheats, this seems to us very light and even almost acceptable.

Example of an Auto-Click Software

At the opposite end of the scale is one of the most used FIFA Ultimate Team Cheats: the AutoBuyer software. This kind of programs, which proliferate on the internet in several versions, has the task, as its name indicates, to automate the actions of the owner in the market. The gamer tells to the program in which cards he is interested, sets the maximum price he is willing to pay for each of them and also sets the minimum price he is willing to receive for each of the cards. The AB searchs on the market for cards that meet the requirements introduced, makes the purchase and put them for sale by the preset price. The player only needs to enter the three input variables and the program does everything automatically. When the player returns to verify his account, he may already have a few thousand coins waiting for him.

The great advantage of these AutoBuyers, beyond to save much time to the players, is to do everything very quickly. The best deals are made ​​by this kind of software, a few seconds after the cards have been introduced in the auction. Compete with machines in 59th minute method is a fight too uneven.

The use of AB distorts the market. The harmony and the balance of FIFA Ultimate Team becomes compromised and, in a extreme situation, it can take FUT to the collapse. Thankfully, EA seems to answer to our request and most versions of such programs seems now obsolete. But, there are always those who want to win (and make profit!) no matter how. It can be a question of time until this cheat return again with more strength.

Cheat Engine is one of the most populars AutoBuyers.

Multiplication of Accounts

The multiplication of accounts is the gateway to some FIFA Ultimate Team Cheats.

Taking advantage of starter packs is one of the reasons that justifies why there are so many gamers creating several registers. The tactic is simple: each time they create a new account, they receive a starter pack that is sent to the main account and converted into coins.

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It is obvious that the profit of selling a bronze squad is relatively low. But the profit of selling dozens of bronze squads may already be sufficiently attractive to many players lose a few hours to apply this method. Everything becomes a question of time.

The Starter Pack includes a bronze squad that can be converted into coins

Another reason for creating multiple accounts are the bonuses that EA gives: holiday season, ‘welcome back’, etc. .. If we add all and multiply by several accounts, we may be profiting tens of thousands of coins. Its application is also extremely simple: you need to create several accounts and when they receive bonuses, you transfer them to the main account.

There are also those who have several accounts in order to increase the trade pile size. Instead of being limited to 30 items, they can transact at large scale. This method is very useful when we are trying to make price fixing.

Several Accounts means several Daily Gifts

With the simple duplication of accounts it is possible to apply one of the most popular FIFA Ultimate Team Cheats: Bid Jumping, also known as Bid Jacking or Price Jacking. It is an extremely dishonest tactic that takes advantage of the failures of others.

It works like this: the cheater puts for sale a card, usually at an attractive price; when the auction is nearing its end and some players are biding, the seller uses a second account to make an offer for the card by an unrealistically high value. If he had no luck, wins the auction and transfers the card to the main account. If the cheat was a success, then someone makes a bid immediately following him and the cheater collects the extremely inflated value of the card.

Fortunes can be made with this method and the success rate is not so low. When a card is being frantically fought, it is quite possible that someone make a bid without having confirmed the value of the last one. And, in FUTWeb, there isn’t a confirmation request for such operations.

We believe that also in the case of FIFA Ultimate Team Cheats which use multiple accounts, EA Sports is about to end with them. Bid Jacking will be the most difficult to extinguish. Everyone should know that this cheating exists and should take necessary precautions during the bidding.

The FIFA Ultimate Team Cheats described in this article are the only ones that exist.

However, there are other techniques of questionable morals that can give you advantage in FUT. Artificially lowering the rating of your team to be paired with weaker opponents is a common practice. For this, you can fill the bench with bronze players or you can purposely put 3 bronze players in start eleven and replace them with 3 gold players after kickoff. And there are those who give up …